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Christina Miles ​ - Christina moved from Greenville, SC in October 2015 and joined the Pure Fitness trainer team in February 2016. She attended Greenville Technical College where she studied a science-based, personal trainer program. These studies provided the building block of the fundamentals of exercise, science, clinical nutrition, anatomy and physiology followed with cardiorespiratory, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility fitness techniques and training. She completed the program with a 4.0 and received her certification in personal training in 2007. Christina is a dedicated wife and mother of two beautiful daughters who bring her great joy. She is passionate about achieving a lifestyle of overall health and fitness. Christina’s desire to model a lifestyle of health of stems from the news she received in 2002 of the diagnosis of colon cancer of her mother. From there, she was determined to reach out and help others adopt a lifetime of health and longevity. She specializes in designing programs to maximize the benefits of cardiovascular health, resistance training, stability and flexibility along with nutritional needs of her clients. She targets weight loss and body composition through converting fat mass into lean muscle mass, which creates toning and definition. Christina absolutely loves working in the health and fitness industry, she feels blessed and honored to be part of the journey in helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. She is currently working on her certification in Fitness Nutrition through the American Council of Exercise.
Ken Hill - Ken grew up in Panama City, Florida where he played a variety of competitive sports for school & club teams. In 1991, he was the state wrestling champ for Florida & a two time national champ in club volleyball. Upon the completion of high school in 1993, Ken joined the U.S. Navy where he became a S.A.R. swimmer and played for the All Navy Volleyball Team. After joining the Navy, Ken started his personal training career and became the squadron PT coordinator, where he trained cadets to pass their PT testing. While stationed in Guam, Ken met John Hanson, Mr. Natural Olympian, and started training in bodybuilding. While training with John, Ken learned the ins & outs of personal training and bodybuilding. In 1996, Ken competed in his first bodybuilding show, placing second. From then on he was hooked! Ken then went to Virginia College, where he received his degree in Kinesiology and his massage license in sports massage.  In 2011 Ken met eight-time Olympian Lee Haney, where he received a one-on-one bodybuilding and nutrition certification. After receiving this certification Ken started training competitors in bodybuilding and figure competitions which was an experience of a lifetime for him! In 2013, Ken competed two more times in the bodybuilding world at the age of 39 placing first in both divisions and second overall! Ken has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and enjoys training all types of clients from sports training, functional training, sports rehab and bodybuilding. Ken is dedicated to his career and applies all his knowledge to helping his clients achieve results beyond what they could ever imagine!